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Egle Gurjanova (Bristol)

Egle has started her lashing journey in 2014 and her passion and dedication grew even bigger after the training with Lash Harmony in 2016. Since then she knew her goal was to become a trainer and share her “lash love” with others. She calls herself one of the luckiest people in the world, as she had the opportunity to turn her lashing hobby into a life style.

Egle is originating from Lithuania but has been based in Bristol since 2006.

Egle became a trainer trough the love of Lash Harmony products and training, and is extremely proud to be part of the team.

Email: lashistastudio@gmail.com

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Sonata Simonovice (London)

Welcome Sonata, a highly-trained Lash expert from Lithuania. Joining the Lash Harmony team in 2018, Sonata did her first training in 2008, soon becoming the only lash expert in her hometown and so in great demand! Sonata loves the world of lashes and so has attended many different training courses over Europe, culminating in her competing in the European Lash Championships in 2016 where she managed the amazing accolade of finishing 2nd! Now passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with others, Sonata is dedicated to not only training her students to the highest of standards, but also looking towards creating future lash champions too.

Email: s.simonovice@gmail.com

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Simona Striaukiene (Northern Ireland)

Simona is the owner of Lush Lashes Dungannon, and has been highly motivated and experienced in working in the beauty industry for the last 6 years. She was inspired to become an eyelash technician after completing her first course in 2012, and since then she has always wanted to become a trainer herself. Simona wants to help motivate and encourage other individuals to follow their aspirations of becoming lash technicians themselves. Simona is a determined and highly knowledgeable woman whose passion and commitment as an eyelash technician is evident with each client that walks through the door. She is keen to share her superior knowledge and experiences with her students to enable them to flourish on their eyelash journeys and will provide the highest standard training as Lash Harmony certified trainer in Northern Ireland from 2018.

 Email: Simonalinkyte@ymail.com

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Monika Kaspariene (Siauliai)

Monika is the owner of MK Beauty Academy in Lithuania/Siauliai, and multiple Lash awards winner in 2016.
Always ensuring that she is up-to-date with latest innovations and trends, quoting Inesa as her ‘Lash Guru’ means that she could not wait to join the Lash Harmony trainers team and share her knowledge and expertise with others in Lithuania.
As Monika says, “For me, lashes relax my mind in the same way Yoga would. I am proud to be knownas a perfectionist, so if I notice an area to improve on, I will not hesitate to bring that to your attention. Only by learning from our mistakes do we go on to be an even better Lash Technician.”

Email: mk.akademija@gmail.com

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