Silk Volume 0.05 Single Length


Available in:   Curls: D   Lengths: 7mm – 13mm   Colour: Black   Thickness: 0.05


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A Brand new Luxe Collection in a new luxury packaging.

Our silk lashes are expertly designed and crafted from luxury materials so you can select from vast array of curls, lengths and thickness. They are feather soft, long and luscious and remarkably voluminous.

Because of it’s quality they are adored by lash artists all over the world and Lash Harmony lends extra allure to what nature already perfected. Make a dramatic impact daily with subtly glossy lashes that frame the eyes majestically and blend in beautifully with your features.

Suitable for Russian Volume extensions.

Available in:

Curls: C, D

Lengths: 7mm – 13mm

Colour: Black

Thickness: 0.05

13 and 16 rows per tray

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C, D


8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14


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